Seeking a new apartment and roommate for September 1st or later

Posted by: Adelaide Tovar   Last Updated: 4 days ago

I need a roommate with a property.


Hi everyone! I'm a rising 4th year PhD student in the genetics department. My current lease expires on September 26th, so I'm hoping to find a new place to live for a September 1st start date. I'm open to finding a new place with a roommate, or moving in with someone who has an existing lease. A little about me: I'm deep in the throes of dissertation research, so I'll likely be a huge workaholic for the next year or so. When I'm not working, I like to cook, knit, work out, read, and watch trashy TV. I consider myself a pretty tidy person and tend to keep a consistent schedule. I'm an only child, so I often keep to myself/spend time in my room to recharge -- but I'm always open to grab a beer or dinner with a roommate. I'm a cis woman, but have no preferences for gender. I would prefer to live somewhere in Chapel Hill/Durham (i.e., a manageable distance from campus) and have a <$650 budget for rent and utilities. I don't have much in the way of shared-space furniture, but own a ton of kitchen appliances, equipment, dishware, cookware, etc. I'm also hoping to get a cat in the near future, so it'd be nice to find a cat-friendly apartment and roommate. Please contact me if you're interested in finding an apartment or are looking for a new tenant: -- I look forward to hearing from you :)