Female professional graduate looking for residency in Chapel Hill

Posted by: Jessica Lineberry   Last Updated: 11 months ago

I need a roommate to find a property.


Hi! I am a recent college graduate who has started to work at UNC Chapel Hill in the Finance Department. I am looking for someone to find a place to stay with over the summer (or longer if need be). I am looking for a professional female who is clean, well-mattered, and considerate. Preferably someone who does not party or drink regularly. I am a professional female who is calm and down to earth. I do not drink or party, and I am not rumbustious. I love animals, especially cats, so if you have a pet, that is absolutely okay. I would like to live near UNC Chapel Hill in a safe environment. I am willingly to spend $700 max on rent individually for a 2 bed, 1 or 2 bath apartment. Please feel free to contact me if you see this post and relate to my request.