Pet Friendly Roommate needed

Posted by: Liana Gheorma   Last Updated: 8 months ago

I have a property and need a roommate.


I am moving out of my current place because I am unexpectedly graduating and moving away earlier than expected and I don't want to leave my roommate high and dry because she is a really awesome roommate and friend. People with pets are welcome! Oh, and for a fee, you can have my furniture! We are currently living in a 2 bed, 2.5 bath in Pine Ridge (Southpoint area in Durham). UNC offers free Go Triangle bus passes if you live in Durham. There is a bus stop right outside the apartment complex for the 805 line and it will take you about 30 minutes to get to campus. There is also a park and ride at Southpoint (a 5 minute car ride) to take the 800 or 800S buses which is also about a 30 minute ride to campus. All of the buses (805, 800, 800S) have free wifi so it's easy to get some work done while commuting. Honestly, it has not been an inconvenience at all. The townhouse is 1,100 sq feet. My bathroom and her bathroom are in between our bedrooms so we don't actually bother each other. I can watch netflix on my laptop without headphones and she can do the same and we don't hear each other. Downstairs, there is an extra half-bathroom. The company managing the complex is really nice. We have a giant pool and a gym available. The complex is really quiet, and it mostly has families. I have never heard a loud party around here. The company does the repairs fast and they only raised rent by 10 dollars for next year. Right now the rent is $512 so it will go up to $517. Utilities, per person average around $80, but they vary with the season. My roommate is very thoughtful and helpful. She is almost 30 and she is very chill, funny, liberal, and LGBTQ+ friendly. She used to work at Duke and now works in RTP as an executive assistant at a company. She has a BA in Psych and Art. She plans to go and get her Master's in Accounting soon. She is quiet and amazing. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. For example, my car had a recall for the front airbags and Nissan couldn't get the pieces for months. She helped me navigate the process of talking to Nissan, getting them to give me a rental and help me figure out what I needed to do. She is very easy going. We have only had one disagreement, and it was very quickly resolved. She has several pets who are all adorable. She has a cat with a funny attitude named Izzy who has been declawed before my roommate rescued her, two bunnies who love to receive pets and treats--Debbie and Lou, and a snake named Callie. I was a bit afraid of having a snake in the apartment at first, but after I met Callie, I realized that there is nothing to worry about. Callie is a boa constrictor (i.e. she does not have any venom) and she is very, very, very slow (think snail). She doesn't bite humans because we are too big and scary for her (for real, she is a skittish snake). I've had a hamster in the house (living room) the whole past year and Callie never escaped and I have never been concerned about the snake living here. The snake stays in Kate's room, in a locked fish tank. The bunnies live downstairs in the living room in a play pen. The kitty is free roaming but most of the time, she sits in the living room staring out the patio doors. Honestly, Izzy is my favorite, even over my own hamster because she provides great entertainment. While it took 2-3 months for Izzy to warm up to me, now, she loves napping next to me while I am working on my laptop or taking a nap myself. My roommate is happy to welcome anyone who has any sort of pets as long as you don't have another cat because Izzy, being almost 10 years old, can be a bit domineering around other cats. Fun fact about Izzy: she is afraid of hamsters. She literally runs under the couch. Here are pictures of the place off the complex website (I am in the middle of packing so my stuff is all over the place) Please message me if you have any questions or want to see the space. Also happy to provide pictures of the critters. :) My email is