Looking for a female roommate!

Posted by: Michele Kelley   Last Updated: 1 week ago

I need a roommate to find a property.


Hi! I am an incoming graduate student in the Physics Ph. D. program at UNC. I am looking for a female roommate to share a 2BR/2BA apartment. I plan to move in around the first of August. Looking around at prices, I think that a reasonable budget would be slightly under 700 including utilities. Of course, during the week I will be studying, but in my free time I like to exercise (CrossFit, weightlifting, etc.) and spend time outside being active. I like to cook as well. I am a very clean and tidy person – so it is important that a potential roommate be as well, at least for common spaces. I am a morning person (10:30pm – 7:00am give or take). I tend to like a quieter household especially during the week, though I do not mind guests forewarned. I love animals! If you have a dog or cat that would be great, but they would need to be friendly with other animals as I may potentially adopt a cat. If you are looking for a roommate as well and think that we could be a good fit, please shoot me an email mk3g@live.unc.edu .