Looking for a roommate for the 2018-2019 academic year

Posted by: Yashasvi Matam   Last Updated: 2 months ago

I need a roommate to find a property.


I am looking for a roommate for the 2018-2019 academic year at UNC-Chapel Hill. I have found some potential apartments but need a roommate to lease a 2bed/2bath apartment with me. I have some apartments in mind that I want to look at and if you have some as well that would be ok too. The apartments are within 10-15 miles of UNC. Max rent I'm willing to pay is $625. Some information about me: I am a female transfer undergrad student. I am currently majoring in neuroscience, on a pre-med track.My hobbies include watching Netflix, playing tennis and listening to music. I am not a loud person, respective of other people's boundaries and open-minded. Somewhat studious; I tend to study late into the night. I have some early morning classes and some in the afternoon. What I am looking for in a Roommate: I prefer female roommates around my age (20) who share similar qualities. I Don't mind if you bring pets (if there’s a separate fee for pets for the apartment, you would have to pay that fee). Must be non-smoker. Text or call at 3177026855 or email me at yashasvi@live.unc.edu